Our Design Process

Jonathan M. Becker graduated with a B.A. from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia in 1989. While attending college, he worked for a major framing contractor in Macon, and in 1988, began his own business as a small framing contractor devoted to speedy fashion with high quality control. The framing company grew into a much sought after team.

In the early 1990’s, Becker Construction was asked to build several homes for area residents, as well as encouraged by realtors to bring their quality mainstream. After construction of many new homes and satisfied clients, success came early and Becker Construction became J. Becker Custom Homes and Renovations, LLC. From the beginning, J. Becker Custom Homes and Renovations has believed that having a customer or client is just not good enough. The idea to have an upper edge in the residential market, or a “fan base” had to be established. The company has never advertised, thanks in part to our “fans.” They are our sales force.

At J. Becker Custom Homes and Renovations, we are a company rooted in quality construction and dedicated to achieving total client satisfaction. Quality is built into every Becker home – quality design, materials and workmanship – and a quality relationship between builder and client.

Custom Homes & Renovations Design Information